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Our portfolio includes supply of capital goods and after sales service for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard. We have a large range of products from various principals fitted on board Indian Navy and Coast Guard vessels. We are constantly focussed on maintenance work for these equipment which include STPs, compressors, Pumps, Oily Water Separators, Vacuum Toilet Systems, etc. We are constantly dealing with local ship repair yards for these jobs.
Local service support from Dolphin with a team of service engineers based out of Mumbai and our service partners in Vishakhapatnam play an important role in convincing the Indian Navy & Coast Guard to fit equipment’s of OEM’s represented by Dolphin at new build stage.
  • Sewage Treatment Plants & Vacuum Toilet Systems

    Spare parts
    Pumps Overhaul
    Compressors Overhaul
    System design
    Equipment supply
    System Installations
    Pipe Work Installation
    Control Panel Servicing
    Vacuum Toilet Overhaul
  • HP Air Compressors for Diving Application

    350 Bar Air Compressors(3-Stage)
    Electric or Diesel Drive
    Charging hose
    Dual Charging arrangement for 200 / 300 Bar
    Micronic Filter
    Air Purification System
    Spare parts
    Complete Overhaul